XMFC: E & C on steps

40 Season 1 Wire icons at MOSAICALLY for 20inspirations

40 icons featuring Avon, Bodie, Bubbles, Bunk, D'Angelo, Daniels, Carver, Herc, Kima, Levy, McNulty, Omar, Prez, Shadene and Stringer
here at mosaically

If you'd like to find more icons of comparable quality featuring more Wire characters like Wallace and Poot, and Wire cast members in other productions (*cough* Idris Elba won an Emmy), please consider watching or joining mosaically. 
Or just friending me because I always need more fellow Wire aficionados in my life.  Seriously, this show.  It is my hero. 
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XMFC: E & C on steps

Media Offering, related Technical Help Request, and ICONS

Avon Barksdale
D'Angelo Barksdale
Stringer Bell
Poot Carr
Omar Little
Bunk Moreland
Ellis Carver
(who knew his first name was Ellis?)
Lester Freamon
Kima Greggs.
ALSO: Minor profanity, courtesy of the Bunk and the wonderfully not-pg gems he tends to drop.  


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Anyway, if you have any comments, suggestions, ideas on capping, requests for capping, or similar (or just if you like one of the icons, which would be especially nice (:  ), let me know here at mosaically.  (Also click this link to get to the icons.)

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